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Church Painting & Plaster Repair

Egan Church Restoration’s team of church renovation specialists offer the highest quality interior church painting and exterior church painting work. Large cathedrals or small country parishes, our team of church painters can repair and repaint your church. Unlike home or commercial work, many churches involve more complex architecture and the success of each project depends on understanding these differences. Our team follow “preservation” guidelines to maintain the original materials whenever possible.

In addition to Church painting, exterior painting, we offer decorative painting like faux marble painting, or gold leaf work for your church or temple. Other decorative finishes like Stencil Patterns, rag roll or just simple “shading effect”s can all be created to enhance the worship experience. We have a liturgical designer who can assist you in choosing colors or help create a new look for your church.

NY, CT, MA, RI, VT and PA are our primary areas of service

Church Painting Services. Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Manhattan, NY

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This is just one example of the high quality workmanship and design capability we have. Visit the following pages to see more examples of our high-quality decorative painting and historic plaster repair.

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