Reversible Church Pew Cushions

Reversible Church Pew Cushions – National Service

Made in USA

Reversible Church Pew Cushions are  our most popular type of pew cushions because of the ability to rotate and flip them over, which adds years of use to your investment.   High density foam for great comfort, “institutional” grade fabrics for long wear-ability and welt cord edges to prevent frayed edges.

*Church and institutional sales only”.    No residential orders or single pad orders.

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Reversible church pew cushions cut to fit your pews. Welt cord edges and tufted buttons available as well as custom shapes and fabrics.

What shaped cushions do you need? Reversible pew cushions come in several shapes and have options for custom shapes.

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St Peter’s Episcopal Church, Albany, NY Historic “Landmarked” church where President Theodore Roosevelt used to worship when he was Governor of NY ( 1 block from State House)

Box style (rectangle) cushions. Our most popular model.

Box style cushions are simple rectangle shaped cushions that have a welt cord edge (helps prevent frayed seams ) and with or without tufted buttons ( your choice). Our standard thickness is 2 inches with high density foam, but they can be made with 2.5 or 3 inches of foam if you prefer.

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Pew cushions with a roll front edge instead of the box style. Still available with welt cord edges and tufted buttons.

Roll Front pew cushions with a slight round front edge.

The roll front pew cushion is a personal preference. It offers just slightly less pressure right behind your knees. All other aspects are similar to the box style but the roll front limits the ability to flip them over when the fabric starts to wear.

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Rectangle Curved Mitered

After choosing the type of cushions you need, you then need to choose the general shape. We offer rectangle shaped, curved or radius style or mitered or angled ends. We can also do special cutouts or rounded ends if you prefer.

Church Pew Cushions - Manhattan, NYpew cushions, church pew cushons, pew pads, church pew pads
Riverside Church.
Manhattan, NY
First Congregational Church
Ithaca, NY
5 scaledcushions for church pews, pew cushions, church pew cushions, pew pads, Columbia Ct
Tabernacle UMC
Sacramento, CA
Columbia Congregational
Columbia, Ct
church pew cushions, church pew pads, pew cushions, pew pads, Amsterdam NYcushions for church pews, pew cushions, church pew cushions, reversible pew cushions, Albany NY
St Ann’s Episcopal Church
Amsterdam, NY
St Peter’s Episcopal Church
Albany, NY

Reversible Church Pew Cushions

Egan Church Restorations offer high quality, affordable reversible style pew cushions for any pew use.   Churches, Temples, Courthouses and Meeting Halls. Our standard cushion is 2 inches thick, with high density foam.   The cushion is wrapped with “institutional grade”, fabrics ( dozens and dozens of choices) and the edges are finished with welt cord edges to prevent premature wear.

All cushions meet the standard CA-117 fire code.

  Made in USA.

Other options available at additional charges.

  • Tufted buttons (shown in photo).  Help hold the cushions keep their shape as they age.
  • 2 1/2 or 3 inch thickness instead of 2 inches.
  • Velour fabric (shown in above photo) instead of nylon/polyester.

Special shapes and cutouts.

Curved Cushions. 

We have the ability to make curved cushions to fit curved pews but our shop will requite either individual templates ( every cushion ) or detailed measurements.  We can send someone to take these measurements but will need to charge for travel expenses.

Cutouts around poles and columns.

These special cutouts are common but will also need templates for  us to be certain of a proper fit.

Angled or rounded ends.

These special shapes are also very common but will also requite templates.

To obtain a quote for your church, we would need the following information;

Quantity of pews.    Length of cushions for each.

Example:   10 cushions.   96 inch long x 15 inch wide.   12 cushions  102 inches x 15 inch etc.

how to measure for pew cushions

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we regularly offer the lowest prices available. Simply provide your pew sizes and quantities on our form we will offer our lowest possible price. If you include your address, we can include the estimated shipping charges.

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