Church pew cushions from Egan Church Restorations are available in several styles and formats for churches, temples and other institutions. Click on the images below to link to the appropriate pages with more information.

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Reversible style cushionsAdd fixed cushions to wood pews
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Pew Cushion Reupholstery Communion Rail Pads

Church pew cushions

Egan Church Restorations offers custom church pews with padding. While we also offer solid wood church pews without cushions, padded church pews have some real advantages.

Cushioned Church Pews Are More Comfortable

Hard pews with no cushioning or lumbar support can make sitting painful for elderly people or for people with back problems.

Church Pew Seat Cushions Are Easier To Maintain

Wooden church pews also experience the same wear and tear that padded church pews do but because they’re an integral part of the pew, wooden seats can’t be replaced as easily as pew cushions. Over time the wooden pews can start to sag, crack, or splinter and that makes the pew unusable and unsafe. Padded church pews, however, don’t have these problems because the padding and cloth can be replaced as needed throughout the life of the pew.

Cushions For Church Pews Are Less Expensive To Replace

On top of being uncomfortable and potentially dangerous if they start to crack or splinter, wooden pews are often more expensive because they require one single piece of wood that looks perfect.

Church Pew Cushions For Sale

Reversible Style Church Pew Cushions

National service. 2 inch thick, high-density foam. Wrapped with your choice of nylon/polyester fabric. Velour also available. Choice of with or without buttons. See our latest installation. Table UMC. Sacramento, CA. Some other installations include; Our Lady of Grace Church. Johnston, RI. First Congregational Church. Ithaca, NY. Columbia Congregational Church. Columbia, CT. Cathedral of the Incarnation. Baltimore, MD. St Peter’s Episcopal Church. Albany, NY.

Fixed Pew Cushions

Our upholstery team will come to your worship site and install high-density foam cushions, secured directly to the pew seat and or backs. Choice of thickness for your comfort. The cushions can be added to just the pew seat or to the seat and back. See our latest installation. St Mary’s Church. Coventry, CT or St Luke’s Church, Ellington, CT

Pew Cushion Re-upholstery

Our team can come to your worship site and re-upholster your existing fixed cushions. We remove all the fabric and foam and supply and install new foam and fabric.

Areas of Service are: USA, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Minnesota, Nevada, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.