Tiffany Stained Glass Repair

Tiffany Stained Glass Repair

Tiffany stained glass repair is an extremely complex process that needs true experts to undertake. Egan Church Restorations offer the highest quality church stained glass window repair and preservation of historic stained glass. All our work is considered “Art Restoration” and the greatest care is taken to save all original glass and artwork, if possible to preserve your church legacy.

Our stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass, has won numerous “Preservation Awards” for Tiffany, LeFarge and other historic stained glass. We can help preserve your church’s legacy regardless of the complexity or the size.

*Church and non profit institutions only.

Tiffany Stained Glass Window Restoration

church stained glass window repair,tiffany stained glass, tiffany stained glass restoration, Louis Comfort Tiffany, New York NY
Tiffany “Angel Window” at St Luke’s Episcopal Church. Dubuque, IA

Our Stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass Studio has won numerous preservation awards for Tiffany and LeFarge stained glass repair. The above “Angel Window” at St Luke’s in Dubuque, IA was one of a complete set of Tiffany Stained Glass windows and Bovard Studio was selected to restore this masterpiece. Tiffany and LeFarge restoration requires true experts in order to preserve the original historic art created by these masters.  The incredible detail they put into each window, combined with the multiple layers of plated glass, make preservation extremely challenging.

Before any work can begin on window repair, thorough documentation of the window must be done both for historical records and to have an accurate record of the original design for re-assembly. Each window is carefully photographed before removing from the church. It is again photographed in our shop using both natural light and using the flash to identify all pieces of glass. Next, multiple tracings of the window are created using tracing paper and charcoal pencils. The artist placed the paper over the entire window and traces the lead lines to create a template for re-assembly.

church stained glass window repair, tiffany stained glass repair, church stained glass
Tiffany Stained Glass window. Tracing and glass numbering

Next, every piece of glass is numbered and recorded on one copy of the tracing. After the window is dis-assembled, the pieces of glass are placed on the tracing and each piece numbered to match the tracing. Since Tiffany and LeFarge have multiple layers of plating, these tracings are done for each layer and the numbering repeated. All lead came is measured throughout the window to replicate the correct depth and thickness of new lead came to insure perfect re-assembly.

church stained glass window repair, tiffany stained glass repair, church stained glass
Crack repair in progress. Left photo is layer 1 of the face, right photo is layer #2. The crack in the neck will be repaired using clear epoxy, edge glued to each side of the glass for a near invisible repair.

After all the glass is repaired, the window is re-assembled and new lead came or copper foil used to secure the pieces together. Glazing cement is then rubbed into the edges of the lead/glass joints. Next, all lead joints are soldered to seal all joints. The original reinforcing bars are then soldered back to the window in the exact position of the original. Lastly, the window is returned to the church and installed into it’s original location.

church stained glass window repair, tiffany stained glass, church stained glass
Tiffany “Angel Window” fully restored

 John LeFarge Stained Glass  Window Restoration

John LeFarge stained glass, LeFarge stained glass repair, LeFarge stained glass restoration, East Greenwich RI
John LeFarge window restored to it’s original design. St. Luke’s Episcopal. East Greenwich, RI

Correcting bad repairs: A historic original John LeFarge window in St Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI had been damaged by vandals. The small local firm hired to repair the original damage, changed the  artwork from plated “opalescent glass” to painted glass. Left photo.  Changing original artwork is against all preservation standards.

When routine releading was required in 2018, we worked with the congregation’s building committee, and old photos of the window before the vandal damage, to restore the window to its original artwork style. We removed the painted glass (robes) and installed plated opalescent glass to bring the artwork back as close as possible to the original.

We also restored the other 4 Chancel windows (shown below) as part of the project.

church stained glass window repair, church stained glass
Chancel windows fully restored at St Luke’s in East Greenwich, RI

J.R. Lamb Stained Glass  Window Restoration

stained glass window repair, church stained glass window restoration, stained glass window frames, Brooklyn NY
J R Lamb window and frame restored at Crossroads Presbyterian Church. Brooklyn, NY

Fire damaged this historic J.R. Lamb stained glass window and frame at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY.  Egan’s and our stained glass studio are proud to have been selected to assist the congregation with this work.  Our team of experts, using photographs of the original artwork, fabricated new stained glass to replace the missing glass, restored existing glass that could be salvaged and fabricated a new mahogany wood frame. We then installed insulated glass as a protective covering to help save heat for generations to come and reduce the carbon footprint of the church.

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