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  Church Plaster Repair

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Many of our historic churches are over 100 years old and so is the plaster. Ordinary aging from expansion/contraction cycles will stress the plaster and eventually lead to cracks and sections pulling away from the wood lathes. Egan Church Restorations plaster experts can clean and repair simple cracks, secure loose plaster to the wood lathes with screws or replace water damaged sections with new plaster to maintain the historic look of your church.

 Church Plaster Restoration

Water damaged plaster repaired at Grace Episcopal Church

Church Plaster Repair – Grace Epis. Church. Providence, RI.

Another source of damage to church plaster is water leaks. Roofs, gutters and window frames are the primary source of many of these water leaks and of course need to be secured before any plaster work begins. In the above photo, water has been leaking through sections of the exterior wood frames that have deteriorated over decades. Egan Church Restorations removed the water damaged plaster, applied a screen to the original wood lathes, then re-plastered the section to like new condition.

Grace Church in Providence, Rhode Island had water leaking through the stained glass window frames causing extensive damage to the surrounding historic plaster. Egan Church Restorations were hired to restore the plaster around the window frames and in several other spot locations. The damaged plaster was removed to start. We then secured wire mesh to the original wood lathes to act as a new base for the new plaster. After applying a base layer of plaster, after drying, 2 additional layers of finish plaster were applied. After sanding to a smooth finish, primer and finish paint were applied.

Creating plaster molds

Plaster Molds for Capitols

Another plaster repair that is needed on some churches is creating new molds to replicate decorative plaster such as moldings or capitols. The above photo is a project we completed for Immaculate Conception Church.

New high speed train service by Amtrak, created a serious amount of vibrations on this churches plaster due to it’s closeness to the train tracks. Vibrations shook the building and eventually lead to the capitols cracking and falling. Egan’s team of plaster experts, re-created the original molded plaster by making casts from some of the still intact capitols. We then re-painted them with gold highlights to match the original finishes.

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