New Stained Glass Windows

New Stained Glass Windows. Design and Fabrication

New stained glass windows can be created for any church or synagogue. Our studio has a full team of award winning artists to design and create any art style windows and concepts you need. Traditional, contemporary, modern or abstract, we can create the artwork for your worship site. In addition, we have a full time, staff engineer, to review all designs to be certain the windows will have all the proper structural support (stained glass is very heavy) and proper ventilation to prevent premature damage.

New Stained Glass WindowsSt Michael’s Church – Pawcatuck, CT

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Our artists worked with the architect and pastor at St. Michael’s during a major renovation and expansion of their church.   The architect’s new building design had new rose window designs at the south facade ( above the altar) and the north facade ( above the main entrance). Our artist designed the window above the altar with the symbols of the 4 Evangelists. The front window design matched it in style but incorporated the church names of the 4 “cluster parishes”.

Our team can assist your congregation to design the stained glass window that will enhance your worship site and fit the architectural style of your site.  Traditional, contemporary, modern and abstract designs can be created by our team of award winning artists.   Below and on the following pages are just a few examples of previous work for other congregations.

New Stained Glass Windows- Design Process

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Every church or temple has it’s own style and the artwork needs to match the architecture and meet the liturgical needs of your worship site. With 5 artists on staff, we can create the artwork that fits your site and will make the worship experience for all your congregation, a more prayerful feeling. Traditional, figurative, contemporary or whatever you need, our artists can create.

The first step is to listen. Our artist will talk to you or your committee to understand your thoughts and ideas of both style and color. We also review any thoughts on border glass or design like the window below. We then would create a draft rendering to see if the design needs adjustment and to begin planning colors and depth of color (light shade, dark etc).

We work with all denominations and non profit institutions.

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Congregation Ramath Orah, Manhattan, NYST Michael Church, Pawcatuck, CT

Stained glass is not just for churches and libraries. Let us design windows for your restaurant, hotel, corporate offices.

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The above photo is a new skylight designed for the Hersey Hotel in Hersey, PA. A matching stained glass window was also created as a skylight for the main entrance to the hotel. In addition to designing this large stained glass skylight, our staff engineer also calculated weight loads and we designed the new wood frame to hold the stained glass. Gravity can cause great damage to a skylight so careful calculation of structural issues is critical to ensuring long term stability as well as safety for the hotel guests.

We offer new stained glass window design and fabrication for all denominations and non profit institutions. No residential work.

Our artist will work with you or your architect to discuss what type of stained glass design you are hoping to create. After the initial consultation, we will create draft copies of renderings for an initial review. We will then adjust the rendering for overall design changes and color of various pieces of glass. We then create a final rendering for your approval. Once you have approved the design, we will then create any additional windows based on the same style of artwork.

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