Church Bell Tower Products

Church Bell Tower Products

Church bell tower products are now available to help you replace damaged wood products with maintenance free aluminum that will last as long as your church. Bell tower louvers and bell tower bird screens can now be made in aluminum, custom shaped to match your existing materials so you never have to send a crew up to repair or replace these hard to reach sections.

The bell tower louvers and bell tower bird screens are made by Bovard Stained Glass Studio in our metal frame shop. Our metal frame shop was originally set up to fabricate our patented stained glass window frames and our perimeter framing, but now can produce other church related products. While on multiple window job sites, the issue of rotted wood louvers came up, time after time. Mr. Bovard then invested in designing replacement aluminum parts for these hard to reach areas of the exterior of your church.

Church Bell Tower Louvers in maintenance free aluminum

bell tower louvers, aluminum louversbell tower louvers, aluminum louvers
Bell tower replacement aluminum louvers that never need any type of maintenance. Our metal shop can custom create any size or shape louvers to fit your tower. In addition, we can install them with our crew or ship them direct to your contractor for them to install.
bell tower louvers, aluminum louversbell tower louvers, aluminum louvers
Bell tower louvers with bird screens built into the interior face to prevent bird nesting. Aluminum never needs any repairs or painting for the life of your church. Original wood louvers rot and deteriorate because towers are so difficult and expensive to access for routine maintenance. Maintenance free aluminum eliminates this issue so future parish administrators never have to think about this part of the church.

Bell tower louvers in church steeples are probably the most neglected part of any church for routine maintenance. The difficulty in getting access to the bell tower and the cost of either scaffolding or power lifts, makes this part of the church hard to repair. Our new replacement aluminum louvers are a great alternative to damaged wood louvers. Our replacement aluminum louvers can be made to fit any size or shape and have built in bird screens on the back to prevent birds creating nests in your tower. Standard colors are either white or bronze or we can custom color them to match other exterior trim.

Church Bell Tower Bird Screens

bell tower bird screens, aluminum bird screensbell tower bird screens, aluminum bird screens
Church bell tower bird screens in maintenance free aluminum

Church bell towers frequently are open to the weather which invites birds to nest. Egan Church Restorations have a maintenance free, aluminum bird screen available as a simple solution to keep birds and bats from your steeple. These aluminum screens can be made in any shape or any size to fit your bell tower openings. They also are available in 2 standard finishes, white or bronze and also are available custom colored. Our team can fabricate the screens and install for you or ship them to your general contractor for their installation while on site for other work.