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Interior Church Painting

Interior church painting

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St James Episcopal Church. New London, CT

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Left photo: Plaster repair and painting completed. Right Photo: Scaffolding set for work in progress

Interior painting work at St James Episcopal Church. New London, Ct. Complete interior church renovation and church painting. Egan Church Restorations were hired to assist St James Episcopal Church with repairing serious water damaged plaster and repainting work in their sanctuary. The work began with phase 1 -repairing the support columns throughout the church. The parishioners, after seeing the work to restore their historic church, got behind the fundraising efforts and we were asked to continue the work to repair all the walls throughout the church.

Above: Plaster repair completed. We are proud to have been asked to help St James restore their Land marked Church. Built in 1850 due to the boom time of the whaling industry in New London, beautiful mahogany was brought back by the ships as ballast in the boats and St James used it to create a beautiful sanctuary. Historic stained glass windows including several by Louis Comfort Tiffany were added later.

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South wall scaffolding set to repair water damaged plaster around all the window frames.

Above photo after work is complete. Egan Church Restorations were hired by St James Episcopal Church to assist in a complete renovation of the church. There was extensive damage to the 140 year old plaster from water leaking through the large church window frames. Our team of plaster repair experts, removed the old water soaked plaster then re-secured the wood lathes. We then added a wire screen to the lathes to act as a new base for the replacement plaster. We then added 3 layers of new plaster, allowing each layer to completely dry to ensure a firm base for the next layer. Lastly we fine sanded the plaster and repainted the walls in a color chosen to match the original as closely as possible.

Interior Church painting requires a more experienced team of experts. Most sites have old, historic plaster that will at the very least need spot repair of cracks in the plaster and at the worst, replacement of sections of water damaged plaster. Understanding the worship service is also needed to help guide the congregation to choose colors for the work. Lastly, the team needs to know how to work with the parish so there is as little disruption to weekly services as possible. Setting scaffolding in sections can allow the church to continue services without closing the church during work.

After our initial consultation with your property committee to choose colors for the work, we will prepare a section of wall and apply several variations of the chosen color so you can see the actual paint in the natural lighting of the church. We leave the samples for a few days so the color can be observed during different parts of the day so you can observe the subtle changes with natural light or artificial light. Once the color sample you like is chosen, we then can begin set up of our equipment.

We prefer that the church is closed for the entire project so our team can work uninterrupted. This saves a noticeable amount off the total price, rather than dismantling and re-setting scaffolding and regular church cleaning each week. With scaffolding in place, there is also a safety issue so when possible, please plan to close the church during the work.