Faux Stone Painting

Faux Stone Painting

Faux stone painting – St Mary’s Episcopal. Portsmouth, RI

church painting, faux stone painting, decorative painting
Faux stone painting work. Decorative “night sky” with gold stars ceiling.

Faux Stone painting at historic St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, RI. The church underwent a complete interior renovation which included extensive plaster repair and decorative painting. The vestry hired a preservation specialist to assist in returning the interior finishes in the church to the original. Egan Church Restorations were hired to do all the plaster repair and painting.

faux stone painting
Rear of church. St Mary’s Episcopal. Portsmouth, RI
faux stone finish b
Close up of faux stone painting.

Faux stone painting – St John’s in Middletown, CT

St John Cathedral Middletown CT
St John’s Church. Middletown, Ct ——– Complete interior renovation.

Egan’s Church Restorations were chosen from a number of bidders for the interior renovation of St. John’s historic church (1890) because of our liturgical designs and past history of exceptional quality work. Our liturgical designer developed a number of design changes for the building committee to choose from to help highlight the architectural features of the building and offer a “prayerful” feeling.

A “faux stone” finish in light tan shades were added to all the upper and lower walls to break up the “plainness” of the walls. We then added a light blue “rag roll” finish for the ceiling to add a little contrast and simulate a “sky’ effect. Gold paint highlights were added to the ceiling ribs to offer a little contrast.

faux stone finishes on walls. Rag roll painting on ceilings
St. John’s Church.   Middletown, CT.  Faux Stone Painting on all church walls, complimented with a rag roll finish on the church ceilings.  Gold painted highlights on capitols.

The next suggestion our liturgical designer made to the parish was to change the columns in the church to match the architectural style of the building. We created plaster molds and secured them as new capitols on the columns. We added a light gold color paint to highlight them and then added a faux marble finish on the columns themselves to match the colors in the marble altar
faux marble painting, faux stone painting, decorative church painting

Before: Plain columns After: New plaster capitols & faux marble.

faux marble painting on columns.

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