Church Carpet Installation

New Church Carpet Installation

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New carpeting installation from Egan Church Restorations can help your church renew the interior beauty of your worship site. Each church is unique in it’s needs with pews, altars, chancel platforms and more. Church carpet installation requires the knowledge and skill to move these heavy furniture sections for the carpet to be installed properly.

St Timothy’s Church. Warwick, RI

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Egan Church Restorations new carpet installation. Old worn carpeting was replaced with new 32 oz carpeting to restore to match color changes in the church.

Egan’s Church Restoration’s were hired by St Timothy’s Church in Warwick, RI to assist with a full interior renovation. As part of this work, the old worn carpet under the pews was torn up and replaced with new 32 oz “heavy duty” carpet. The “Pie Shaped” pew layout with long, mitered pews was a particular challenge to move for the carpet installation. Each pew had to be numbered and then separated to move into storage in order to install the carpet properly.

St Timothy Church Warwick
Work in progress. Pews had to be moved before carpet work could begin.

Pew removal and re-installation is what makes Egan’s Church Restorations uniquely qualified for “church floor projects”. There are many local flooring contractors, but most have no experience or knowledge needed to move heavy wood pews and reset them properly. Improperly set pews can lead to “wobbles” when you sit, uneven rows and possible damage to the wood components.

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St Timothy Church. Warwick, RI. Work completed and pews all properly reset to be ready for use.

Many churches have hardwood flooring or vinyl tile under the pews and only have carpet in the aisles. Our team is equally skilled at aisle installation and installation of ” transition strips” to smooth out the seam between the carpet and other materials to avoid tripping.

First Congregational Church. Ithaca, NY

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First Congregational Church. Ithaca, NY. New vinyl tiles under pews and new carpeting in the aisles and front gathering area.

Above. Egan Church Restorations were hired by First Congregational Church in Ithaca, NY to refinish their pews, clean the large chancel screen, and replace the entire sanctuary floor. The vestry chose to have us install vinyl tiles under the pews and add heavy duty “institutional grade” carpeting in the aisles. This change in flooring materials created an entirely new look for the sanctuary.

Egan’s Church Restorations have the knowledge and skill to assist your church with any carpet installation. Unique to church flooring is heavy solid wood pews that must be moved to complete the floor work. Your local flooring contractor may be skilled in home carpet installation, but have never had to remove and reset church pews. We have the experience in moving pews with our pew refinishing services so we know how to remove them but more importantly, reset them so they are properly spaced and aligned.

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