Stained Glass Products & Services

Stained Glass Products & Services

Stained glass products description covers many facets of Church Stained Glass Windows. Egan Church Restorations team of Stained Glass experts can assist you with any stained glass repair or stained glass frame concern you may have. Tiffany, LeFarge and other historic stained glass restoration are all preserved to their original beauty.

Serving NY, PA, VT, MA, CT and RI

We also can assist in protecting your valuable heritage with hurricane protective glass and “Super energy saving” framing. in addition, we also have a team of artists to design and fabricate new stained glass.

Tiffany Stained Glass Window RestorationStained Glass Window Design and Fabrication
Church Stained Glass Window RepairNew Stained Glass Windows
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Stained Glass Frame Repair / Protective GlassNew Window Frames

Church Stained Glass Windows – Repair

Church stained glass windows are considered “works of art” and require true experts to be certain the intricate design of the original artist is recreated when re-assembled. Our studio, Bovard Stained Glass , has 55 highly skilled experts and follow all National Preservation of Stained Glass guidelines. In addition, we have won numerous Preservation Awards for restoration of Tiffany Stained Glass and LeFarge Stained Glass.

Church Stained Glass Windows – Protective Coverings.

“All stained glass windows, when covered by protective glass, must have a ventilation system to prevent overheating of the glass and moisture buildup”. National Preservation Society.

Unlike clear glass, colored stained glass absorbs heat and then expands. Because there is no expansion joint in a window sash, overheated glass will have no place to expand and will bulge or the glass will crack. Also, moisture in the air will get trapped between layers of glass and lead to lead oxidation and frame rot.

Bovard Stained Glass Studio has designed and patented a perimeter framing system with built in air channels to allow a natural air flow to cool the glass and dry the space between layers.

Church Stained Glass Windows – Frame Repair – New Frames

Wood frames for church stained glass windows age and deteriorate just like all natural building materials. Normal maintenance like re-puttying and painting frequently are neglected because of the size of the frames and the need for scaffolding. Egan Church Restorations team of woodworkers can help to preserve your window frames with simple repairs or complete frame replacement if needed.

Church Stained Glass Windows – New Stained Glass

Bovard Stained Glass Studio has a team of 5 world class artist to assist you with creating what ever style art work you wish to fit your worship site. Abstract, contemporary and traditional art styles all can be created with any images or designs your prefer.

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