Church Painting

Church Painting

Below and on the following pages, are examples of previous church painting and renovation projects and featuring decorative painting projects.

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Church Painting. Our Lady of Good Counsel – Manhattan, NY

Egan Church Restorations were contracted to undertake a complete church renovation of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Manhattan, NY . Bob Egan and our liturgical designer met with the pastor and the project manager to review the scope of interior church painting work and how to change the look of the church. We developed a number of changes to the color schemes in the church and suggested a number of decorative touches to high light the beautiful antique architecture.

Light blue paint was chosen for the ceiling to compliment the other finishes but also to help reflect light back down into the church. We also added gold highlights on the decorative moldings, and then added simple changes in colors on the walls, which dramatically changed the look of the church and created a more “uplifting spirit” during mass.

Other work included cleaning the oil on canvas murals on the rear of the sanctuary to remove decades of dirt that made the paintings look old and dull. Lastly we also installed all new flip up kneelers on church pews.

Church Painting – St Mary’s Episcopal. Portsmouth, RI

Winner of “Preserve Rhode Island, 2023” Award.

Egan Church Restorations were hired by a local GC to assist with the interior restoration of St Mary’s, a Nationally Landmarked site. Our team of church painting and renovation experts helped create a new color scheme with faux stone finishes to mimic what was believed to be the original look of the sanctuary.  Extensive plaster repair was also required.

We repaired all the plaster, then skim coated the walls to provide a smooth surface to add the decorative painting work.   We then re-created the “night sky- with stars” over the altar.  We also cleaned the marble memorial on the wall, refinished the pews, added pew cushions and refinished the exterior wood doors.

Church Painting –St Peter’s Church. Albany, NY

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Church painting and plaster repairs were begun at historic St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Albany, NY in 2019. Built in 1860’s, St Peter’s is 1 block from the NY Capitol Building and President Theodore Roosevelt used to sit in the front pew regularly for service. Water leaks around the upper clerestory windows had damaged the plaster so badly that pieces were falling on people during mass. Our team of plaster repair experts had to re-plaster a number of sections because the damage was beyond repair.

Once the plaster was repaired, our team of church painters painted the church in what was determined to be “the original colors” when first built. The parish hired a preservation specialist who was able to determine the oldest sections of original paint underneath the existing paint, and we restored this church to it’s original beauty.

Church Painting – St Michael’s Episcopal. Bristol, RI

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Church painting and plaster repair were completed at the historic St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Bristol, RI after water leaks had damaged plaster throughout the church. The bell tower especially had extensive damage from flat roof above that had been leaking for a long time. Egan Church Restorations were the low bidder and completed all the work in 6 weeks so the congregation could return to have normal services.

St Michael’s had multiple water leaks from a storm damaged roof. After the roof repairs were completed, Egan Church Restorations team of plaster experts repaired the old plaster, preserving all sections, and then repainted the sanctuary.

Church Painting – Middletown, Ct

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Church painting and renovation. St John’s Church. Middletown, CT

Egan Church Restorations were hired by St John’s Church in Middletown, Ct to assist with a complete “make over” of the interior of their historic church. Previously, the walls, ceilings and columns were all a simple “off white” paint. Our liturgical artist met with the pastor and the building committee to develop new decorative painting schemes to add beauty and highlight architectural features.

We recommended added “faux stone” painting to the walls in the nave of the church. We then added “rag roll” finish to the upper and lower ceilings. The final touch was “faux marble” paint on the columns in a color to match the existing marble altar.

Church Painting – Plaster repair. Grace Episcopal Church. Providence, RI

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Grace Episcopal Church. Providence, RI. Water damaged plaster repair and spot re-painting

Water leaks from the roof after a severe winter storm, caused the 140 year old plaster in this historic church to fail. After the leaks were repaired, Egan Church Restorations were contracted to remove the water soaked plaster, secure the wood lathes and then replaster the damaged areas. After the plaster had dried and was sanded, we then matched the existing wall colors and repainted all the damaged areas of the church.

Church Painting – Plaster Repair. St John the Baptist Church. Pawtucket, RI

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St John the Baptist Church. Pawtucket, RI

Similar to the Grace Episcopal Church project noted above, water leaks had damaged the plaster in several sections of St John’s Church. Before work began, our artist made templates of the decorative stencil lettering and photo documented the existing colors. We then selected new paints and verified the color matches before demolition began. We then removed the water soaked plaster and re-plastered the damaged areas. After repainting the base layer of paint to match the existing, our artist recreated the stencil patterns using the templates created at the beginning. lastly he then painted 6 different colors for the stencils, just like the originals.


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