Faux Marble Painting


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St. Michael’s Church. Pawcatuck, CT

St Michael’s Church underwent an extensive “re-building” of their historic church after structural problems were discovered. Engineers determined the site was unsafe and the original church had to be closed. After an extensive capital campaign, the parish was able to rebuild and recreate their historic church.

Egan Church Restoration’s were hired as a subcontractor and our team of artists were asked to paint the plain wood altars with a faux marble painting. This dramatically changed this plain wood altar and reredos to a beautiful “faux marble finish”. The finish was so convincing that the local newspaper in their article about the re-opening stated “all new marble altars were installed for the renovation”.

Faux marble painting on the front and rear altars was so well done, many parishioners thought they were real marble!

Faux Marble Painting – Church Columns.

St John’s Church. Middletown, Ct

Egan Church Restoration’s were hired by St John’s Church in Middletown, Ct for a complete interior painting of their historic church. Our Liturgical Designer suggested a faux marble painting of the columns to match the existing marble altar. He suggested this would help visually join the nave and sanctuary together. In addition, we suggested creating new molded plaster capitols to be installed to add elegance to the church.

Faux Marble Painting to highlight church features

St Timothy Church, Warwick RI

The pastor asked Egan Church Restorations to offer a quote to paint the interior of his church. He also asked if we could add some “decorative finishes” to “brighten up” what had been a previous plain painting scheme.

Our artist studied the interior of the church and chose to add faux marble finishes in 2 colors to compliment the color of the marble altar and the carpet in the nave. The altar of sacrifice, pulpit and font are all “Botticino Marble” so we imitated this color for the center of the painting. The carpet in the nave is a rose color so we used this as the border to give the image some shape.

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