Stations of the Cross Painting

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St. Michael’s Church. Pawcatuck, CT

Stations of the Cross at St Michael’s Church were damaged during removal from the wall for extensive rebuilding of the church. Almost 100 year old plaster had been damaged and we needed to recast sections to restore the stations to their original beauty. We used an undamaged station to act as the template to create a mold. After the mold was complete, plaster was poured to replicate the original. After sanding any rough edges, the new sections were attached to the original using thin metal pins.

The final step, was to have our artist gently sand the entire station including the figures. He then repainted the entire station to as close as possible to the original colors and highlights. It is always important in historic restoration work to be careful to maintain the original artist’s design and not change any features.

During a major renovation of the historic St Michael’s Church, 2 of the original plaster stations of the cross were dropped and broken.   Egan Church Restorations were asked to restore the damaged sections of plaster and repaint the 2 stations to match the other undamaged 12 stations.

Egan Church Restorations also assisted with Faux Marble Painting of the plain wood altar and reredos and our stained glass studio won the Ct 2020 “Stained Glass Preservation Award” for the complete restoration of the historic stained glass windows.

Statue Painting

In addition to Stations of the Cross repair and repainting, Egan Church Restorations artists can also restore historic plaster statues. Time takes it’s toll on all plaster and statues are no exception. Our team can repair damaged parts and repaint them to their original beauty.

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