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Church painting and plaster repair to Grace Episcopal Church

Church painting work began because water had been leaking into the walls and ceilings of Grace Episcopal Church from damaged gutters and slate roof tiles. The water dripped, unseen and eventually weakened the plaster so much it just fell away.

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Grace Episcopal Church in Providence, RI | Water Damage to Plaster Damage and Interior Paint

Egan’s Church Restorations were chosen to help restore this extensive water damage, repair the historic plaster and repaint the interior of the church. The parish administrator, Chris Barker, asked Egan’s Church Restorations to help them make spot repairs to damaged plaster, especially in the side entrance. Damaged flat roof above the side entrance of the church had allowed water to drip into the interior walls.

Church Painting and Plaster Repair For This Project

Egan’s team of church painting and plaster experts set up the needed scaffolding and worked long days to complete the plaster repair and painting renovation in only 10 days. Chris Barker, the church manager said “if I had known you could work this quickly, I would have had you in to bid for our other projects”.

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Grace Episcopal Church, Providence, RI | Spot painting and plaster repair
  1. Egan’s Church Restorations plaster experts carefully removed the water damaged, saturated plaster.
  2. Wire mesh was then secured to the original wood lathes to create a stable anchor for new plaster.
  3. Plaster mixed to match the original historic plaster was then applied, sanded and painted.
  4. After all the plaster repairs were complete, we repainted the church, removed our scaffolding and cleaned the church to make it ready for mass.

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