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Plaster Repair and Church painting

Church painting and plaster repair had been neglected for decades at Holy Family Church in S. Deerfield, MA. Egan’s Church Restorations were chosen among multiple bidders due to our proven skill in all aspects of work. Water had been leaking into the walls and ceilings of Holy Family Church from damaged gutters and slate roof tiles. The water dripped, unseen and eventually weakened the plaster so much it just fell away.

Holy Family Before
Before: Holy Family Ceiling with plaster falling on pews
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Holy Family Church decorative painting

Egan’s Church Restorations were chosen to help restore this extensive water damage, repair the historic plaster and repaint the interior of the church. The pastor and parish finance council asked Egan’s Church Restorations to recommend color changes to help “brighten the church”. Our liturgical designer, created a new color scheme and suggested decorative painting work to also highlight the beautiful architecture of the sanctuary.

Our Church Plaster Repair And Painting Process For This Project

Egan’s team of church painting and plaster experts set up the needed scaffolding in half the church so the parish could continue to use the sanctuary for weekend masses. Heavy clear plastic sheeting was draped down from the top to act as a “dirt curtain” to minimize dust and dirt. When the right side was finished, the scaffolding was dismantled and moved to the left. Each Friday afternoon, throughout the entire project, our crews cleaned the open side so parishioners would not get dirty sitting in the pews.

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Decorative church painting services for Holy Family Church

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