Interior Painting – 2

Interior Painting – 2

St Ignatius Church. Beforechurch Painting-church renovation

St Ignatius Church. Complete interior church renovation and church painting. Gutter repairs, new doors and stained glass repair were also part of this renovation project.

plaster repair, church painting, church renovations. faux marble painting

Top left photo: Before work begins. Above photo after work is complete. Egan Church Restorations were hired by St Ignatius Church to assist in a complete renovation of the church. Our liturgical designer came up with plans for all new color schemes and included changing the sanctuary ceiling to a “night sky” look complete with stars. We also added faux marble painting on the front sanctuary columns and around the edges of the statue niches.

church painting, faux marble paintingfaux marble painting, church painting

Faux marble painting was added to the sanctuary columns to help create a more defined “sacred area”. We also then added simple highlights around the window frames to add depth to the overall appearance.

Marble Floor Re-surfacing

marble floor re-surfacingmarble floor re-surfacing