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Stained glass windows. New protective coverings.

Stained glass windows by Egan Church Restorations and our stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass helped St Michael’s Church to restore their stained glass windows and replace their stained glass window protective glass with our patented vented perimeter framing.

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St Michael’s Church windows after restoration

Church stained glass window repair and protective glass

The National Preservation Society has determined that “all stained glass, when covered by either a single layer or double layer of protective coverings, MUST have a ventilation system to prevent heat build up in the stained glass and to prevent moisture build up between layers of glass.”

To meet this requirement when using Insulated Glass Units ( IG Unit) in our stained glass protective covering system, we created an internal venting system to block the cold air and saving as much heat as possible.

Church stained glass window repair and window frame repair

Did you know, repairing a wood frame may be more expensive than replacing the entire frame with our “super energy saving frame”?. Wood repairs are very labor intensive and need to be done on scaffolding. Sometimes parts need to be replaced and time is lost waiting for the wood shop to fabricate.

An all new aluminum frame is simple to build in the frame shop and can save thousands of dollars in costs up front and save thousands in heat savings for the life of the church.

When considering a stained glass restoration project, you should give serious thought to also replacing the frames.   Our new “super energy efficient” frame with insulated glass, on the outside is getting rave reviews from pastors, architects and facility directors, for the incredible reduction in heating costs that are achieved!    Some have saved 25% or more.

The additional cost to replace an average frame is not that much!   The above frames cost $ 4,000 ea. for removing the old wood frame, making the new frame and installation.  Our shop can make any shape, any size in either aluminum as shown or wood (for complex frame details).

Some Roman Catholic Diocese are now encouraging pastors to give this concept serious thought to help prepare the church for the future and provide a maintenance free frame for the life of the church.

Church stained glass window repair – what is involved?

There are many steps involved in repairing or restoring valuable church stained glass windows. The primary steps are as follows:

  • Photograph the windows in place to create a photographic record of the window design
  • Remove the window from the frame, secure in a padded crate and bring to the shop
  • Secure the window opening with clear lexan and make weather proof
  • Photograph again the window and take close ups of any cracked or missing glass sections
  • Create multiple tracings of the glass and lead matrix to assist in correct re-assembly
  • Dis-assemble the entire stained glass window
  • Remove all old lead matrix and give to EPA licensed recycling firm
  • Clean the old glazing cement off the pieces of stained glass
  • Repair any simple cracks in the stained glass
  • Replace any missing pieces of glass.
  • Re-assemble the stained glass window.
  • Install all new lead matrix to the stained glass
  • Rub in new glazing cement to seal and secure the lead/glass joints
  • Re-attach any reinforcing bars
  • Return window to church and install into original location.

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