Stations of the Cross Painting | Woonsocket, RI

Stations of the Cross Painting.

Stations of the Cross painting for St Charles Church in Woonsocket, RI. Egan’s Church Restorations were asked to repair and repaint the 3 dimensional, historic plaster stations of he cross at St Charles in Woonsocket, RI. DePrato brand plaster stations of the cross were showing their age. Egan’s team of artists carefully hand sanded all figures in each station as well as the plaster base. Our artist then hand painted each figure exactly as they were originally painted to restore them to like new condition.

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3 dimensional stations of the cross repainted for St Charles Church. Woonsocket, RI

Church statues of various materials, such as bronze, marble, wood and fiberglass are available from Egan Church Restorations. We have contacts with multiple studios, located in Italy, to help you obtain any figure you may require for your church.