Stained Glass Repair

Stained Glass Repair

Stained glass window repair is a very complex process and our team of experts are highly skilled artists to complete the restoration to the highest possible level. Your stained glass windows are a central part of your church building. Over time, stained glass can require maintenance or repair to keep it looking beautiful. When you need stained glass repair services, the folks at Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations can help you return your windows to their beautiful original condition. Call us today for more information, (800 484 1874).

Church Stained Glass Repair

Professional stained glass repair requires a unique skill set and attention to detail. Our studio is experienced in restoring Tiffany Stained Glass windows, LeFarge Stained Glass, Sullivan Stained Glass, Zettler windows, and Mayer church windows- all of which require extraordinary restoration skills. When you need professional results, don’t trust your precious stained glass to just anyone- trust Egan’s Church Restorations for the best in quality workmanship.

Stained glass repair techniques can brighten your faded stained glass pictures. Over time, the effects of weather, sunlight, and aging can dull what was once a magnificent work of art. Damaged or missing sections or panels can also be repaired or replaced to complete your awe inspiring scene once again.

When your church windows need maintenance, Egan’s team of professionals can re-lead your stained glass windows, clean and restore your images, and repair or replace damaged panels or sections. Our artists are skilled in retouching existing artwork as well as creating new stained glass works of art.

If you have questions about your stained glass windows, give us a call. We can help you install stained glass protective panels, restore existing windows, create new church windows, or repair your beloved church windows.

The professional artisans at Egan’s Church Restorations offer complete stained glass window services, such as:

For examples of our studio’s church stained glass repair and restoration work, you can view our galleries of images here. We specialize in restoring historic stained glass windows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York.

Give us a call to schedule your church window evaluation today, (800) 484 1874.

The stained glass artists and professionals at Egan Church Restorations will inspect the structural integrity of your windows, level of damage, window frame, and ventilators during our evaluation. Our studio is prepared to handle all of your church window needs with precision and quality craftsmanship. Requesting a consultation is easy, and we are always available via email: [email protected]

Stained glass windows are extremely complex and repair and restoration must be done by experts with the proper knowledge and experience. Before any work can be started, all windows need to be photographed to create a photographic copy of how the window looks. 3 copies of tracings are then made in which our team puts tracing paper over the window and then using charcoal pencils, trace the existing lead matrix. These tracings are vital to create a plan of how the window will be re-assembled.

The individual pieces of glass are then numbered and noted on the tracing before dis-assembly. We then remove all of the old lead from the window. We bring this hazardous waste material to an EPA licensed recycling firm. The glass is the cleaned of any old glazing cement. Broken pieces are then repaired. We then install all new lead came, matching the original. The glass pieces are then reset into the new lead matrix. All joints are soldered and then new glazing cement is added.