Marble Floor Resurfacing | Loretto, PA

Marble Floor Resurfacing. St Francis University . Loretto, PA.

Marble floor resurfacing at St Francis University was part of an overall renovation of the college chapel. All the flooring throughout the chapel was to be removed and replaced except the altar platforms in the sanctuary. Egan’s church flooring team removed the old marble tile surrounding the altar and then proceeded to resurface the travertine floor around the altars.

We spot repaired several small spots and then began the resurfacing. We used floor polishing pads with diamond tips to scrape off the top surface of the old marble. This process removes about 1/64 in of material so it does not change the thickness of the floor but is able to remove the surface damaged area.

We then used 2 more polishing pads, one with a medium grit and finally a fine grit to polish the floor. Lastly a marble sealer was applied to seal out moisture.

Marble Floor Resurfacing

Floor completely resurfaced after old rug was removed and extensive carpet glue was removed.
after 2

Egan’s Church Restorations team helped restore the original marble floor at Blessed Sacrament Church, hidden by a yellow carpet added back in 1980. “Restoring” the floor to it’s original beauty for the parish was one part of their overall church renovation.

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