Church Painting | New York.

Church painting and plaster repair. St Peter’s Church

Church painting and plaster repair was needed at St Peter’s in Albany NY because of simple old age. Egan Church Restorations were chosen by St Peter’s Episcopal Church, Albany, NY to assist with some internal plaster repairs and decorative painting. Water leaks from the roof and gutters had caused noticeable plaster damage inside the sanctuary and nave of the church. After the roof and gutters had been repaired, Egan Church Restorations came in to start the plaster repair and painting work.

Our team of church renovation experts started with removal of the old damaged plaster. Some sections were beyond repair so we removed sections, added new wire mesh and then applied all new plaster to insure a secure repair. Other simple cracks in the plaster were repair, taped and new skim coat of plaster applied.

Our team of artists then became the re-creation of the original painting and artwork. Stencil paintings on the aisle arches however, we quite complex and hand painting each would be prohibitive in cost. Our liturgical designers proposed making a copy of the stencil designs, recreating them on wall paper and applying them in place of the hundreds of individual stencil patterns. This saved tens of thousands of dollars without changing the look of the church.

During all this work, the parish fundraising efforts kicked into high gear as the parishioners started to see the startling results. In just a short time, they tripled the funds already collected so now a full interior renovation could be completed.

The pastor and parish building committee then requested pricing for many other repairs. Sanctuary carpet replacement, New Marble tiles, Pew refinishing, Replacement metal kneelers, and new vinyl tiles under the pews.

Our church painters completed all of the painting of the church and moved the scaffolding out. Our church flooring contractor then removed the old carpets and vinyl tiles. We moved the pews, and then installed all new vinyl tiles under the pews and installed new marble tiles in the sanctuary.