Pew Refinishing – Wood Furniture Restoration

Pew Repair and Pew Refinishing

Egan’s team of expert wood-workers can repair, resize and refinish your solid wood church pews. Our wood workers can also repair and refinish wood altars, wainscoting, organ enclosures and balcony railings. Our team can remove most scratches, peeling lacquer and repair cracks and splits in the wood components. In addition, if you have fixed pews cushions, we offer cushion re-upholstering.

Pew Refinishing – St. Katherine Church

pew repair, pew refinishing, pew restoration
Pew Refinishing - Rhode Island, New York

St Katherine’s  80 year old pews were in need of complete pew refinishing.   Peeling lacquer and scratches marred the surface.   Splits in the glue joints had compromised their strength.  Egan Church Restorations completely restored these historic pews.   We Stripped the old lacquer coating, repaired the splits, deep sanded  all parts and then applied new stain.  We added a new coat of clear polyurethane (like a gym floor) to protect the restored finish. New kneeler pads were added. The hardwood floors refinishing beneath the pews was also done before resetting the pews in the place. In addition, new marble tile floor was added for the aisles.  Lastly, spot water damaged plaster repair and painting.

Pew Refinishing – St. Marie’s Church

Church Pew Restoration - New York, Rhode Island

St Marie’s Parish planned a complete church renovation for their 100 anniversary. An important part of the work was restoring the historic wood pews. Solid wood pews were suffering for decades of normal wear and tear.   As part of a complete interior renovation, Egan Church Restorations restored all the historic pews to their original beauty. Each pew was sanded to bare wood, splits in the wood repaired, new stain applied and new polyurethane finish applied. New metal  kneelers were supplied and installed. Other work included complete church painting of the interior.

Church Pew Refinishing - New York, Rhode Islandpew repair, pew refinishing, pew restorations

Wood Furniture Restoration – Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Wellfleet, MA

Wood Altar Restoration - Massachusetts
Church Altar Refinishing - New York
altar refinishing, sanctuary furniture refinishing, sanctuary furniture

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish on Cape Cod, Massachusetts was planning a new larger church, so they could  combine the 3 small neighborhood chapels. One of the chapels had already been closed and the old wood altar had been put into the rectory basement. Left unattended, the altar had warped in sections and had some minor wood rot. Egan’s Church Restorations were hired to restore this parish legacy.  Our wood workers removed it from the basement of the rectory, repaired all the damaged sections and refinished it. We also added gold leaf highlights and installed it into the new church.  In addition, we created a new pulpit and baptismal font from left over sections  of the old altar. Other work included repainting the stations of the cross, repainting 2 plaster statues and supplying all new radius pews.

wood altar refinishing, pew refinishingCustom pulpit
Before: Left over section of original altar.After: Reshaped to create new pulpit.
wood altar refinishing, pew refinishingCustom baptismal font
Before: Unneeded section of old altar.After: Reshaped and refinished and artificial sea shell added to create baptismal font.

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