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Stained Glass Window Repair and New Protective Coverings

Egan Church Restorations and our stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass were commissioned by St Edward’s Church in Stafford Springs, CT to assist with their first phase of stained glass window repairs. This included all the stained glass windows on the front facade for full restoration and stained glass window frame repair and new protective coverings..

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St Edward the Confessor Church. Stafford Springs, CT. Before
St Edward the Confessor. Stafford Springs CT After Frame repair and new protective glass

The National Preservation Society has determined that “all stained glass, when covered by either a single layer or double layer of protective coverings, MUST have a ventilation system to prevent heat build up in the stained glass and to prevent moisture build up between layers of glass.”

To meet this requirement Bovard Studio has designed and patented a perimeter framing system with built in vent screens to cool the stained glass and prevent moisture buildup. Several vents at the bottom and several at the top allow the air to flow naturally.

St Edwards Before and After with venting diagram

2 vent openings were set at the bottom, 2 in the middle and 2 at the top to allow sufficient air flow to “cool the stained glass”. Unlike clear glass, colored stained glass absorbs heat and expands. Over expansion creates much of the bulging and stress cracks you see in stained glass windows.

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