Stained Glass Frame Repair

Stained Glass Window Frame Repair – St Joseph’s Church

Egan Church Restorations and our stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass Studio, were asked to quote removal of old, incorrectly installed protective coverings at St Joseph’s Church in New London, Ct. Because the old protective coverings had trapped moisture, extensive wood rot needed to be repaired and the wood frames repainted.

Working in tandem with the brick pointing masonry contractor, we followed their masonry repairs on the scaffolding to remove the old protective coverings. We then repaired wood rot in the wood frames, replaced missing pieces of trim boards and painted the wood sash and frames.

Because St Joseph’s Church is located at the ocean, the pastor requested we upgrade the new protective coverings to meet 120MPH wind load hurricane code for stained glass. Our studio installed the Bovard Stained Glass Studio patented perimeter framing system and bent the frames to match the window frame. We then custom colored the aluminum to match the historic window frames. The final step was to add 1/4 inch thick tempered glass and had our engineer certify the hurricane code wind loads.