Pew Refinishing | Loretto, PA

Pew Refinishing and kneeler pad replacement.

Egan Church Restorations and were hired by St Francis University in Loretto, PA to repair and refinish the pews in the college chapel. In addition, there were several backs of clergy benches in the sanctuary with splits and cracks that needed repair and refinishing.

pew refinishing, pew repair, wood pew refinishing
Church pew refinishing at St Francis University. Loretto, PA

Before: Photo below is an example of the wood church pews before we began repair and refinishing work.

pew refinishing, pew repair, wood pew refinishing
Before work begins. Solid wood pews at St Francis University. Loretto, PA

After: Photo below shows the solid wood pews at the college chapel after we completed all repairs and refinishing. A darker color stain was chosen to match the existing wood columns and ceiling beams. .

church pew refinishing after
After. Pews refinished and darker stain applied to match wall columns and ceiling beams.

Did you know, repairing a wood frame may be more expensive than replacing the entire frame with our “super energy saving frame”?. Wood repairs are very labor intensive and need to be done on scaffolding. Sometimes parts need to be replaced and time is lost waiting for the wood shop to fabricate.

pew refinishing, pew repair, wood pew refinishing
Work completed. All pews repaired, refinished and re-installed. New porcelain tile also installed. Loretto, PA

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