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Church Roofing Repair.

Church roofing repair at Dutch Reformed Church. Clavernack, NY. Egan’s Church Restorations were asked to repair seriously deteriorated old copper roof over the rear roof in the church. Our team of roofing experts stripped the old copper roofing material only to discover that the wood sheeting underneath was all rotted. We removed all the old sheeting, applied 30lb tar paper and then installed an all new copper dome style roof.

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Copper roof replacement at Dutch Reformed Church, Clavernack, NY

Copper roof replacement

The rear roof over the sacristy in the Reformed Church in Clavernack, NY had been leaking for months. Our team of church roofing specialist removed the old copper from the roof and discovered extensive wood rot in the sheeting below. We replaced all the wood sheeting, and added heavy duty tar paper to act as a vapor barrier. Lastly, we fabricated and installed all new 16 oz copper and shaped it to fit the dome style roof.

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