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Church flooring work at St George Episcopal High School by Egan Church Restorations . We were hired to refinish the oak hardwood flooring at the school’s chapel. We also were hired to repair and refinish the solid oak pews. We were chosen from among a number of bidders because of our extensive experience in the proper removal and re-installation of the church pews that had to come out to undertake the floor repairs.

before during and after
Church flooring work at St George School Chapel. Middletown, RI

Sanding the hardwood flooring to bare wood.

hardwood floor refinishing
Oak hardwood flooring sanded to a smooth, clean surface to get ready for new stain.

Before beginning the sanding of the hardwood floors, Egan’s set up a “work tent” of heavy plastic. This was to protect the church’s ornate Waterford Crystal Chandeliers. We then sanded the floors using heavy duty floor sanders with built in vacuums to also help reduce dust in the chapel.

floor stain application
Floor stain application at St George School Chapel

Next was to apply 2 coats of new stain to the wood floor. We apply the stain using a brush but then get down on our knees and hand wipe the stain into the wood to ensure a deep penetration.

after refinishing 2
Hardwood floor refinishing at St George School Chapel in Middletown, RI. After

After the new stain has completely dried, our team then applied 3 coats of heavy duty polyurethane to protect the wood. After each coat is applied, we lightly sand the floor to ensure a smooth clean surface for the next application.

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