Pew Refinishing | St Katherine Church, Boston, MA

Pew refinishing and pew repairs. New kneeler pads. Hardwood floor refinishing.

Pew refinishing was badly needed for the solid wood pews at St Katherine’s Church in Boston, Ma. The parish was undertaking a capital campaign to address numerous repairs. Pew refinishing, kneeler repairs, hardwood floor refinishing and new porcelain tiles. Spot plaster repair and painting was also needed.

Egan’s Church Restorations were hire to repair the nearly 100 year old pews. Constructed of 100% solid red oak for durability, the pews were starting to show their age. We repaired a handful of simple glue joint splits and then deeply sanded all parts of the pews.

before 1
Before: St Katherine Church. Boston, Ma
after 6
After: Pew refinishing is complete and hardwood floors reinished.

Our team of wood workers can repair, resize and refinish your pews either by leaving them in place ( less expensive) or removing them ( if floor repairs are needed). In addition, we can replace entire kneelers or just the pads. Pew cushions also available.

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