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Metal Pew Kneelers LP

Pew Kneeler Replacement and Pads

Replacement Metal Kneelers

Egan’s are proud to be a representative for “Hamlin Brand” metal kneelers.   Hamlin kneelers are high quality, aluminum framed replacement kneelers for church pews.  Light weight aluminum helps reduce “banging noise” and the interchangeable parts allow spot repairs as needed in the future.

Wood replacement kneelers are also available for historic pews.

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Replacement Pads for Metal or Wood Kneelers

Egan’s have available plywood based, replacement kneeler pads when your old pads become ripped or torn.   3/8 in thick plywood base with a 1 inch “Rebond Foam” (special foam for kneeling to prevent bottoming out) and wrapped with high quality vinyl or nylon fabrics.   Dozens of choices.

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